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Transactions on Graph Data and Knowledge (TGDK)
An Open Access journal publishing research about graph data & knowledge

Call for Papers

(Here we provide the Regular Call for Papers. See also a list of Special Issues open for submissions.)

Transactions on Graph Data and Knowledge is an Open Access journal that publishes research contributions relating to the use of graphs for data and knowledge management. Such contributions may be experimental or theoretical in nature, where submissions that combine both aspects are particularly welcome. The journal thus welcomes submissions from research communities – such as Graph Analytics and Algorithms, Graph Databases, Graph Representation Learning, Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Web – that provide novel insights into the use of graphs for generating, representing and managing data and knowledge. Likewise contributions relating to the use of graphs in the context of Big Data, Data Integration, Data Science, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc., are welcome.

Submissions will be judged based on novelty, technical correctness, technical depth, readability, reproducibility, relevance to the scope, and potential for impact and follow-up research.

Topics in-scope for the journal include, but are not limited to, research relating to graph data & knowledge in the context of:

Submissions on other research topics where graphs play a central role as a representation for data or knowledge are also welcome. The journal also welcomes submission of high-quality survey papers on the aforementioned topics.

As a Diamond Open Access journal, official versions of accepted papers (as accessible via DOI) are published and made available for free online without fees for authors nor readers.